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AROMALIVE - 5 Gram Jar *free shipping*

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We call it the “Divine Fragrance”

This Ayurveda inspired deodorant perfume powder harmonizes with your body’s natural chemistry, evoking inspiration, bliss and renewal. It is excellent for yoga, meditation, dance, exercise, and overall general feeling of freshness and peace at all times; containing absolutely no artificial ingredients of any kind, yet extremely effective without harming your body's natural processes.

To apply: Take a medium sized pinch for each side and rub it under your arms or use a small amount on the neck, wrists, or where desired. You can apply it anytime; it lasts through most of the day, and can be re-applied whenever needed.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Red Sandalwood, and special blend of Sandalwood, Sandalwood Oil & Indian herbs and floral essences (including clove, tulsi, rose, and cardamom).

Each jar contains 5 grams and will easily last 3-6 months with normal use and application

*Locally produced in Western North Carolina

-Price includes free shipping

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